Welcome to a Real Honest Bloging experience

Just a place for me to be, well, me.

Love it or hate it, honesty is still a great thing to have. It seems that the internet is getting less about the truth and more about what sells. Well, not from me! This blog is for me to get my thoughts, feelings and experiences out into the world the only way I know how, through real, honest reviews.

A Life in Review

What is it all about?

in Cabo sitting next to the pool in the sunshine

I write about my experiences in places, with products and give you my honest thoughts and recommendations.

I love DIY and will walk you through how I do things. Is it worth doing it yourself or would expect help, help? Let me give it a try!

at the beach with my two dogs Ella and Zora

I won’t lie to you and I’m not here to make money for fake reviews. I’m the girl next door, but with an opinion all her own.

Recent Posts

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Campsite Cooking

With the camping season close to over we took one last trip and tested out some new coooking stuff!

So I Bought a House…

So, I bought a house and left the downtown of a major city to live 30 min away in the suburbs (aka a different “city” here in the Lower Mainland) and see if I can survive.