FoodMarble AIRE device and the FODMAP kit packets

Honest Review – Food Marble AIRE

This post is not sponsored or endorsed by the vendor.

FoodMarble AIRE is this neat little device that is meant to help you monitor your digestion and provide details on what intolerances you may have.

Stage shot from my first bodybuilding competition where I competed in he bikini division
Look ma, no clothes!

“Digestive difficulties can be very frustrating, and we want to help. FoodMarble AIRE is a portable breath test device and connected app. While doctors have used this type of breath analysis for years, this is the first personal device of its kind. We designed it to help the millions of people who experience digestive difficulties.” Visit for more info

After training and competing in my first bodybuilding competition, my gut health was shot. I really struggled with being able to eat “normally” again after being so restricted with my diet. Many people can reintroduce other foods after these types of extreme diet changes (gradually), but I really struggled with it.

Here we go, FoodMarble

As part of the process you can get a FODMAP test kit program. This kit comes with powders that trigger your bodies gut response to different FODMAP components (lactose, fructose, sorbitol and inulin).

The device comes with a handy carrying case and the USB charging cable. The app is easily downloaded for both Apple and Android devices. Through the app you track your breath tests, symptoms and keep a food diary.

FoodMarble AIRE device and the FODMAP kit packets

How does it work?

The below is taken from

When you eat something, it travels through your stomach and into your small intestine for absorption. If it’s not fully digested, the remainder continues on to your large intestine where the bacteria start to break it down by a process called fermentation. 

Hydrogen is only produced during fermentation. This hydrogen makes its way into the bloodstream and begins to circulate around the body, moving to the lungs. ‎

Once it reaches the lungs, the hydrogen is exhaled on your breath. When you breathe into your device, you can measure the level of hydrogen at that time.

The FoodMarble device tests and analyses this hydrogen production to give you your results.

How to use the FoodMarble AIRE

FoodMarble device

Here is the best part of this device; really easy to use and small enough to toss in my purse to take anywhere. You will need to download the app and pair the device. I did this the morning I started my testing.

The night before your first test you need to fast to get your gut to it’s baseline. In the morning when you first start the app will ask you to take a baseline breath test, this is what it will base your testings off.

NOTE: If you are doing the FODMAP testing you need to follow strict instructions to make sure the testing is accurate and do not test back to back days. This is a longer process to explain but you can get all the info here.

You will need to take a deep breath and hold it for 3 seconds. Making a tight seal around the mouth piece, breath out in a slow and steady pace for 5 seconds. The app will give you a timer, don’t worry about counting ‘Mississippi’ in your head.

The app will record each time you use the device and monitor changes in the fermentation level. Unlike video games, this high score is a bad thing. High fermentation means an unhappy gut.

With the app you can look back at any time and see what days were troublesome and what days were not. This is also why it is important to keep a good food diary.

But, how did it work for me?

First off let me say, this device is accurate for testing food intolerances! By following the program of breath testing, tracking of symptoms and the food diary (in the app) you can get an accurate picture of where your issues lie.

I followed the program for a month and tested after eating each meal. I filled out all symptoms and kept a (pretty darn great) food diary. I’m not going to lie here, it pin pointed some real triggers for me. Following the month test I went to a Naturopath and they found similar triggers. The only big difference was that it is not the lactose in dairy for me, it is the proteins. I would receive a response eating dairy but did not with the FODMAP lactose test kit. This is not something that is not tested for with this kit but it caught that dairy was a no-go for me anyway, which is pretty cool! After a while it becomes a bit of a game. “I think I did good this meal… how will I score?!”

The FODMAP powders are not tasty, so don’t expect to be drinking something good, but for my purposes I felt them to be important. Even if they didn’t trigger anything for me it showed that there was something off with my dairy. I also learned about other things that do not agree with me and it has really changed my eating habits.


This a a great little tool to help on your way to good gut health but should be used alongside proper testing if you’re having real issues. Gut health is important to your overall health!

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