Campsite Cooking

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With the camping season close to over we took one last trip and tested out some new coooking stuff!

Let me start this by saying… COFFEE IS LIFE. All the below items came to exist searching Amazon for a camping kettle so I can have my morning coffee.

I Love to shop!

When we moved last year most camping stuff that was old and needing to be replaced went the way of the dodo. This means that we needed to re-stock with new fun things. Except the last few times we went camping we went with people are have literally everything you can imagine for camping, so we really didn’t need to pack much. This time around it was just us and the mutts so we needed to go shopping.

New stove, who dis?

First thing we needed was a new stove. I found this super reasonably priced one on Amazon. It’s perfect for 2 people who will do most of their cooking over the fire. It runs on butane and after 3 days of boiling water and cooking eggs we still didn’t go through the whole can. It was easy to light and worked every time without fail. I did see complaints on the listing that it wasn’t hot enough and people struggled using it but I didn’t find this at all. I did notice that if there is a breeze on the flame it just does not get hot enough. We fixed this by blocking it a bit and volia! Not another issue. It boiled water just as fast as my stove at home. It comes with a handy storage case and fit perfectly into our camping container. Overall? 5 stars easy for this one! Get yours on Amazon.

Martin camping stove image from Amazon listing

Let’s get cooking!

All I really needed was a kettle but this little set caught my eye. I was a tad skeptical because it seemed really small but it was not expensive so I figured I would give it a go. The little kettle was frickin’ adorable, so there’s that. I was pleasantly surprised with this. It is small, don’t get me wrong, but perfect for just the two of us. The kettle hold enough water to fill my French press and that is all that matters… They come in a handy little mesh bag and the pots/kettle fit nicely together. The set also came with a folding utensil set, 3 little bowls, cleaning sponge thing and a rice spatula (it is from China, so that makes sense). They transferred heat well and are sturdy. Cleaning? Well, I should have used more oil. My eggs stuck… bad. Live and learn on that one. I also may, or may not, have melted the handle on the pot by not putting it directly over the heat. The kettle has a silicone handle but the pots are plastic. If these were also silicone it would get a higher rating from me. Overall I give this set 3.5-4 stars, which I can’t do ON Amazon so 4 rounded up. I think it is a great set for the price and will definitely keep using it, with more oil. Get yours on Amazon.

showing the full set that came with the camping cookware set

BONUS! My fun camping pizza hack

This is super easy and really yummy done over the fire.

Pillsbury pizza dough is super easy to use for the crust. We used 1 tube for 2 pizza pockets. It survives really well in the cooler. We have silicone mats that we used for pressing out the dough into large rectangles. They also made it easy to transfer the pizzas to the broiler.

Pizza with all my toppings
folded and pinched ready to put into the broiler

Next fill it with sauce and all your favourite toppings. I leave a gap on the one side to allow extra crust for folding to create a ‘pocket’. Once you fold over pinch the edges together well to make sure it stays closed, and coat the top with oil before transferring it into the broiler.

Put your pizza ‘pocket’ in the broiler by flipping it upside-down so you can oil the other side before closing the broiler.

If you don’t have a broiler you can get one on Amazon for pretty inexpensive. I recommend this one because the handle stays cool.

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