A Real, Honest Blog

In a world of blogs, I wanted to create something truly honest; from my heart and mind… and keyboard! Creating a place where I can share my experiences, projects, likes (and dislikes).

Every time I am looking to buy something, experience something, build something (DIY? yes please!) or go somewhere, I look it up online first. I mean, if someone else thought skydiving naked was fun (ok, maybe not that one specifically) then maybe I would like it too! But I started to find that more and more reviews were so skewed by sponsors, the real message was getting lost. So I decided that with all I buy, try and eat (I do eat a lot) I should share some real, honest reviews.

I also wanted to make a blog that I could show you if it really is worth it to DIY or sometimes, is it better to DI-Buy. I will review my attempts at creating magical things, including failures and the products I use to do so. Hopefully, things will work out…

So what do I review? EVERYTHING! From hiking trails to restaurants, makeup to protein powders; you will get to know what I like and don’t like in this world.

Remember: These are all just my opinion, and while I will try to keep my reviews as relevant as possible there may be some biased (personally, not paid!).  What does that mean? I HATE seafood… my review on a restaurant with way too much fishiness will not be my favourite.

How about a little background on me…

Michelle Disneyland Mickey Mouse Hat

I’m a kid again. YAY Disney!

I’m a professional in Project Management, Marketing and Graphic Design. I reside in beautiful Port Coquitlam, BC (just outside Vancouver) and aim to spend as much time as possible outdoors.

August 2019 I bought a house and left downtown Vancouver. Yes, I’m a suburbanite now! The house is 46 years old and, well, needs some love. Can you say DIY?!

So, animals are (like) the best, period. I, myself have way too many cats (3) and 2 dogs. I used to hide behind my smile a lot. I was born with depression, anxiety and OCD (literally since I was a baby) but have learned to thrive every most days. I find nature to be the best therapy out there, and travel; man do I LOVE to travel. I also am obsessed with alpacas (not llamas – different entirely). I love to write and spent the last 5 years writing pet articles for publications. I told you I like animals…