Real Honest Reviews

In the wide world of blogs I started to find that more and more reviews were so skewed by sponsors, the real message was getting lost. I decided that with all I buy, try and eat (I do eat a lot) I should share some real, honest reviews.

I get to try out some cool things and I found that people I know actually cared what I thought. I will tell you like it is, but by no means am I a “specialist” in anything, so these are reviews from a normal (kinda-ish?), everyday person!

Campsite Cooking

With the camping season close to over we took one last trip and tested out some new coooking stuff!

Honest Review – Halo Sport Neuroscience

Halo Sport (the original not the Sport 2, available now) are ‘headphones’ that use neurological stimulation to better your muscle memory, essentially making you better at something. In my case, weightlifting will be the test.

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